We are the Amazon experts

amassist acts as the catalyst for your online sales growth. We work with the very best elements of your business to manage complex multichannel environments such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Magento.

Why us? Well, we’ve used our trusted methodologies for our own successful online businesses so we know first-hand the challenges that brands face.

We help you make sense of the online ecosystems, identifying new ways to grow, reach new customers and taking bold action to drive results, utilising our proven tactics.

Expanding your distribution into the High Street

If your business already has a strong online presence, then maybe the next stage of your growth strategy is to grow brand through bricks and mortar retailers?

We can leverage our industry connections with store buyers, across a wide spectrum of categories, that could provide you with incremental sales, elevated brand presence and a major boost to your already successful online offering.

If your annual turnover exceeds £250,000, or if one of your single product lines generates sales of over £50,000 annually, then we can offer you privileged access to our network of retail contacts.

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